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The recent rise in media attention on wrongful convictions has resulted in the creation of a number of related shows. Some of these shows go in search of what they believe are wrongful convictions and seek to draw public attention to cases they are considering. In doing so, these shows usually present only one side of the story, the side that supports their focus – a wrongful conviction. Truth is Justice independently and objectively assesses the material distributed by these shows and provides the audiences of these shows with all the material and the facts necessary for them to remain fully informed. We are there to highlight and address the false and misleading statements that are made by these shows – every episode, every comment!

Welcome to Truth is Justice!

Truth Is Justice
Truth Is Justice
Warning: This Podcast talks about suicide and will cover material that is uncomfortable for some people. The first part of this episode deals with the reasons why this podcast may not be appropriate for some listeners. Below are crisis centre phone numbers available in the USA, UK and Australia. USA...
Truth Is Justice
Truth Is Justice
<< EDITED To Remove 2 Paragraphs relating to Pyschology Associates and Alliance Health. The reason being this was not intended to be in any form a call to arms. It is intended to highlight the various highly disturbing aspects of the interview conducted with Ms Edwards at the premises of PA, by an employee of PA and an employee of AH. If anyone here can highlight circumstances under which the interview could even remotely be considered ethical or proper given the facts, please let me know. >>

As many of you are aware, extensive commentary has been provided on many matters of varying proximity to Christian's death by members of the Andreacchio family.

Here we have a circumstance of a formal, recorded interview of a 16 year old girl:-

Pertaining to a death in which the subject had no direct connection; and

With unconfirmed, but highly questionable incentives offered to the subject to participate in the interview; and

Aranged by an individual (Ms Rae Andreacchio) currently formally working in the mental health field as a registered person, with claimed experience in social work and with formal education in criminal justice and currently dealing with patients with highly sensitive mental health issues; and

Performed by a former law enforcement officer (Ms Gale Mills) with experience in administering polygraph tests and trained in formal interviewing techniques; and

Performed at a currently operational, registered mental health care facility (Psychology Associates) of which Ms Andreacchio was and remains an employee; and

Performed without notification to or consent of the subject's parents or guardians; and

Broadcast in full to an audience exceeding 16 million people, via a for-profit podcast (Culpable) with the explicit permission of Ms Andreacchio for the interview to be broadcast...

Yet, despite my multiple attempts to seek comment from Ms Andreacchio, not a single word of explanation has been received other than an earlier single public comment by Ms Andreacchio suggesting that the location of the interview at the registered business address of one medical facility rather than another medical facility inexplicably makes the interview ethical and correct. To be abundantly clear, multiple efforts have been made to seek comment on this matter from Ms Rae Andreacchio, yet, commentary has not been forthcoming from her or her representatives.

Contact will be made with appropriate representatives at Psychology Associates, Alliance Health Center and the Culpable Podcast consistent with the above.

Without exception, no child should be placed in that situation without the explicit, fully informed permission of their parent(s)/guardian(s) and then, only with the parent(s)/guardian(s) full appreciation for how the material obtained was intended/considered to be used, full control and authority over the material produced and only with the appropriate legal approvals obtained by the parent(s)/guardian(s) for such an interview to be conducted.
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