Who Are We?

We are a small group of dedicated individuals committed to setting the record straight.

The Truth & Justice Podcast with Mr Bob Ruff, has operated largely unchallenged… until now.

My name is Sam Carroll. I am a qualified legal practitioner with over 10 years trial experience across a broad range of areas. I have successfully represented individuals in challenging trial circumstances, achieving results that in a number of instances, continue to represent important legal precedent. I approach matters with independent thought and an objective consideration of all available evidence.

Whilst I am the voice of our podcast and my image appears on our website banner, this endeavour would not have been possible without the assistance of a small group of people. Astrid has worked tirelessly in preparing the graphic designs appearing on this page – as you can see, her work is extraordinary. Ivan has been providing assistance in relation to the podcast launch and associated musical elements.

If you have visited the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook Page, you may be familiar with my various self-restraint video demonstrations I completed and uploaded to that page. I received a number of direct threats as a result of my contributions on that page. Two weeks ago I was removed from the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook Page consistent with the outcome forewarned in those threats.

Our efforts then began in bringing Truth is Justice to life. Join with us as we inject much needed balance, independent thought and objectivity to a podcast that has, to this point, remained largely unchallenged. We will set the record the straight.

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