Threats and Removal

In my opinion, my contributions on the Truth & Justice Facebook Fans page were at all times polite, considerate and of a nature that added value to the publicly stated goal of the Truth & Justice Podcast (T&J). My contributions to that page were appreciated by some and attacked and ridiculed by others. Since my removal from the page two weeks ago I have come to realise that it wasn’t the words I was using that caused me to receive threats and eventually resulted in my removal from the page. The threats and my removal were directly as a result of the way I challenged the underlying narrative and pre-determined direction of T&J. T&J have strayed significantly from their publicly stated goal – to the extent that the very basis of their criticism and their unrelenting denigration of certain individuals is now not just reflected in some of their own actions – it is their playbook.

Below you will see screenshots of the threats I received via Messenger and one placed directly on the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook page. The post made on the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook page remained visible on the page for approximately 5 hours – despite the administrators being made aware of the post and the location of it on the page, minutes after it was posted.

Below you will also see the messages I sent to Mr Ruff and Mr Chris Brinkley (administrator of the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook page) with respect to my removal and their respective responses. I will make two points with respect to the response from Mr Ruff. Firstly, I received no warnings regarding my possible removal from the page – importantly, except for the threats which warned of exactly that outcome. Secondly, with respect to my two mentions of the threats on the Truth & Justice Fans Facebook page. My first post drawing attention to the threat I received below from Betty Thompson was removed from the page within minutes despite the threat itself remaining visible for approximately 5 hours. My second mention of the threats I received was in response to a question I was asked about why my responses were always diplomatic.

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